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Discover how IDS revolutionary solutions and methodologies can help you address the challenges for optimizing infrastructure preservation plans.

Our revolutionary solutions implement innovative algorithms unparalleled by competitors’ software, including advanced data analytics, multi-objective optimization, inductive multi-variate deterioration modeling, and risk-based prioritization. IDS solutions are the only software in the market that are guaranteed to generate “truly optimal” network-level multi-year preservation plans.


Bridge Optimizer

Bridge Optimizer™ provides unique capabilities to develop risk-based optimized plans for bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects. Unlike competitors’ software which employ heuristic techniques, such as incremental cost-benefit analysis or multi-criteria decision analysis, and, therefore, cannot generate optimal plans, Bridge Optimizer implements a proprietary multi-objective optimization algorithm to generate multi-year lists of preservation projects that are guaranteed to be optimal.

Asset Optimizer

Asset Optimizer is the ultimate solution for optimized decisions and renewal planning of asset portfolio including water, sewer, facilities, and transportation assets. Deployed as a software-as-a-service or on-premise solution and based on advanced multi-objective optimization algorithms, Asset OptimizerTM maintains a comprehensive asset data repository and enables the optimization of long-range risk-based renewal plans across portfolios of linear and non-linear assets. Asset OptimizerTM enables municipalities, utilities, and transportation agencies to achieve regulatory compliance and build comprehensive and defensible asset management plans.

Roads Optimization Software

Roads Optimizer

Roads Optimizer™ is the only software in the market that can generate optimal risk-based network-level multi-year pavement preservation plans. Unlike other pavement management systems that use rudimentary incremental cost-benefit analysis and, therefore, cannot generate optimal preservation plans, our revolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm generates optimal project lists based on maximizing network-level condition, minimizing risk levels, and minimizing lifecycle costs. We guarantee the plans to be optimal.

SewerNet Optimizer

SewerNet Optimizer is the only software in the market that can create “truly optimal” risk-based network-level renewal plans for municipal sewer networks on a segment level (manhole to manhole). Multi-year segment-level replacement and lining project lists are defined to optimize allocation of renewal funds while maximizing network-level condition improvement and minimizing risk of sewer failure. The software implements advanced algorithms to predict sewer deterioration, analyze risk levels, evaluate lifecycle costs, and to perform trade-off analysis between various planning scenarios.

Infrastructure Pipe Burst

WaterNet Optimizer

WaterNet Optimizer™ enables water utilities to develop optimal risk-based network-level multi-year renewal plans that identify the most appropriate compromise of pipe replacement and rehabilitation options while maximizing network-level condition, minimizing risk of breaks, and meeting financial constraints and utility-specific renewal policies. The software implements advanced algorithms to quantitatively evaluate lifecycle costs and benefits of alternative renewal options and to assess the impact of funding levels and renewal policies on the network’s condition and risk measures.