Cities, towns, and rural municipalities manage a diverse portfolio of assets that provide our communities with critical infrastructure services such as drinking water, sanitary, drainage, transportation, facilities, parks, etc. Municipalities around the world are facing mounting challenges due to ageing and deterioration of infrastructure assets, increasing demands, new regulatory requirements, and insufficient investments. Municipalities are striving to do more with less by improving asset management practices and optimizing plans to reduce risks and lifecycle costs, and ensure financial sustainability and adequate performance of managed assets.

Asset OptimizerTM cloud-based GIS-centric software provides municipalities of all sizes an effective, comprehensive, scalable, and affordable solution that builds on industry best asset management practices, ISO 55000 standard, and delivers a complete cross-asset decision analytics and capital planning framework.

Asset OptimizerTM supports optimized capital planning of linear and non-linear infrastructure assets, maintains a centralized GIS-based data repository for all assets data, and supports the development of strategic asset management plans and optimal risk-based project selection to maximize assets performance, minimize risk, and minimize lifecycle costs.


Asset Optimizer has functional tools that provide valuable information about our assets. Customized dashboards provide insight into the current state of our infrastructure and reports can summarize this information and share with others as needed. The interactive mapping functionality makes it easy for non-GIS users to easily query the data and display it visually for better understanding. The renewal planning tool allows the entry of different budgets and helps predict the future condition and risk of our assets. One of the most impressive functions of this system is its ability to determine capital renewal strategies across multiple asset classes and identify the most optimal scenario. IDS staff has been very helpful and efficient throughout this project with quick turnaround of information and system training. Staff have been very accommodating throughout this project and are very knowledgeable in deterioration model calculations for different asset classes.” – Blair Richter, City of Lethbridge

“What the City of Vernon wanted was a tool that could take the results of complex spreadsheet-based asset management plans and plug them into modeling tools that could help the City make better risk-based decisions and to help illustrate the consequences of certain funding scenarios, treatment interventions, and levels of service. What appeals to me about IDS software from a technical aspect is that the functionality is tailored to apply against a wide range of asset classes (from airports to pipes to park assets). It also offers the flexibility to either utilize the results of consultant-led asset management plans or to build similar logic within the software. I’ve been very impressed with the level of service IDS has provided and am looking forward to working with them further.” – Geoff Mulligan, City of Vernon

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