Transportation agencies are facing unprecedented challenges due to ageing and deterioration of highway infrastructure assets, increasing demands, climbing construction costs, and insufficient investments. Increasing maintenance backlogs, and widening investment gaps are pushing agencies towards adopting more optimized long-range strategies to maximize return on investment, reduce risks and lifecycle costs, and ensure financial sustainability and adequate performance of transportation assets.

Asset OptimizerTM cloud-based GIS-centric software empowers transportation agencies to develop optimized and defensible risk-based asset management plans for all transportation assets, including highways, bridges, tunnels, and traffic management systems. Asset OptimizerTM is based on ISO 55000 standard and delivers a complete cross-asset decision analytics and asset management planning framework.

Asset OptimizerTM help agencies meet regulatory requirements and accurately determine funding needs to meet performance targets. Agencies will be able to ensure optimal allocation of limited financial resources and selection of projects that maximize return on investment.


“IDS software helped show us the impact of differing funding levels. This helped us understand the daunting task ahead of us. The system’s ability to show how funding levels change the overall condition of the bridge population is very beneficial.” – Scott Neubauer, Iowa DOT

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