IDS provides a variety of services to support customization and deployment of our solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. These solutions include Bridge Optimizer®, NBI Optimizer®, Roads Optimizer®, WaterNet Optimizer®, and SewerNet Optimizer®. Our enthusiastic team includes professional engineers, experienced software developers, project managers, and subject matter experts. The team will work with you on-site or remotely to identify your organization’s requirements and tailor the solution to ensure organizational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and successful deployment. Our team will continue to work with you to support and fine-tune the solution through our post-implementation services.


Our services include:

  • Customize solution based on your organization’s data schema, planning policies and scenarios, and required forms of data reporting and presentations.
  • Customize solution’s database and interface with your organization’s enterprise data sources and software systems to enable efficient data sharing and exchange. Custom add-on software components can be implemented to interface IDS solutions with most commonly used GIS, work management systems, or enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Customize solution’s preservation methods database to reflect your organization’s experience and practices for the selection criteria and constraints on using preservation methods.
  • Customize the solution’s cloud-based services interface to allow users 24/7/365 access to the solution’s analytics functions, reports, maps, charts, plans, documents, and other system functions using a web browser. The cloud-based interface can be hosted on client’s premises or on IDS high-performance high-availability secure cloud services.
  • Training and post-implementation support to your team to ensure fast productivity and continuous improvement (link to training courses).