IDS is an innovative Engineering Consulting and Technology provider specializing in transportation and municipal infrastructure management solutions. We have successfully completed a range of unique projects for leading North American infrastructure agencies and utilities. We are renowned for our innovative solutions and steadfast commitment to excellence.


We provide leading-edge solutions and services to enable transportation agencies, municipalities, and water utilities make evidence-based decisions on the optimal replacement and rehabilitation of infrastructure and achieve maximum return on investment in terms of improving system-wide condition and reducing the risk of failure at the lowest cost. Our unique solutions and services help engineers and asset managers conquer the increasingly complex challenges to ensure reliability and sustainability of public infrastructure systems.


IDS’ revolutionary solutions implement the industry’s most advanced algorithms including advanced data analytics, multi-objective optimization, multi-variate inductive deterioration modeling, and risk-based prioritization. Our solutions are the  only solutions in the market that are guaranteed to generate “truly optimal” long-term infrastructure preservation plans. Our enterprise and cloud-based solutions are highly scalable and can be easily integrated with a wide range of asset management systems and customized to meet the specific needs of infrastructure asset managers.


To provide infrastructure owners and managers with the industry’s best-in-class solutions and services to address the increasingly complex infrastructure management challenges.


IDS builds its reputation on a strong commitment to providing outstanding services and exceptional solutions to our clients. Since founding IDS in 2012, our commitment to excellence has shaped everything we do. We always aspire to the highest standards and continuously raise the bar and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. This commitment helped us establish strong and continued relationships with our clients.