Client: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Project: Cross-Asset Optimization Model Development Services

IDS is working with Caltrans to develop and demonstrate an innovative cross-asset multi-objective optimization model to support project selection and prioritization of transportation infrastructure assets for the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP). IDS Asset OptimizerTM software is being used to support the development and implementation of this model

Solution: Asset Optimizer

Asset OptimizerTM GIS-centered cloud-based software is being used to implement an innovative 3-step cross-asset risk-based multi-objective optimization approach to optimize budget allocation and generate long-range network-level project portfolio. The optimization model will support the development of 10-year optimal plans under a range of scenarios and investment strategies, with an initial focus on bridge and pavement assets. The optimization model extends Caltrans’ current MODA methodology to enable efficient prioritization and optimal programming of projects across highway system assets. The model will help evaluate the impact of different funding levels on system performance and risk metrics and determine required funding levels to meet performance and risk targets. The cross-asset optimization model will help Caltrans make optimal programming and investment decisions to meet organizational objectives and performance metrics, and deliver optimized long-range programs for its entire transportation asset portfolio.