An Opportunity for Advancing Asset Management State-of-Practice

As one of the world’s largest engineering and asset management consultant, AECOM works with clients across the globe by delivering industry’s most innovative and comprehensive asset management plans. Working across market sectors to solve clients’ complex asset management problems, AECOM uses IDS Asset OptimizerTM cloud-based GIS-centered software to support asset lifecycle modeling, risk assessment, and investment planning. The cross-asset portfolio-level analysis and multi-objective optimization capabilities of Asset OptimizerTM enables AECOM to perform the most complex asset lifecycle analysis and modeling to deliver reliable, transparent, and defensible asset management plans.

” My experience with IDS is that it is one of the leading asset management decision support systems (DSS) on the market today. The combination of advanced asset analytics, its dashboarding capabilities and proven user-friendly interface makes it my go-to DSS for clients that require optimized life cycle and asset management solutions.” – Chris Lombard, AECOM

Successful Collaboration to Deliver Value to Clients

AECOM Canada Ltd, with support from IDS, deployed Asset OptimizerTM to support the development of optimized risk-based and long-term asset management plans for a number of clients. Example projects include:

  • Development of asset management plans for water and wastewater assets at the Comox Valley Regional District, including water mains, wastewater sewers, pump stations, wastewater treatment plant, and compost facility.
  • In support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) asset management strategy for Safeguards Assets, Asset OptimizerTM was used to develop optimized 10-Year capital plans for the agency’s assets including major equipment, communication and IT systems, vehicles, and laboratories.
  • Development of Asset Renewal Programs (ARPg) for some of the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) assets to support life cycle strategies and state-of-good-repair objectives.

Asset OptimizerTM supported in-depth data analysis and development of data-driven deterioration and risk models for each asset class. Multiple budget and performance target scenarios were defined and used to generate optimal annual project lists that maximize assets performance, minimize risk, and minimize lifecycle costs. The scenario analysis helped to accurately determine funding needs to meet target performance or risk levels, and to develop comprehensive and defensible asset management plans.