NBI Optimizer® cloud services is the only solution in the market that provides comprehensive analytics capabilities to leverage NBI data, enabling bridge managers to gain deeper understanding of the condition and characteristics of bridges in their managed inventories. NBI Optimizer high-performance, high-availability, and secure online services offer users 24/7/365 access to advanced analytics, dynamic dashboards, comprehensive reports, maps and geospatial analysis features, preservation plans, documents, and other system functions from anywhere using a web browser.

We offer flexible licensing and pricing options subscription plans for NBI Optimizer’s online services, with a guaranteed level of service. Each subscription provides access to selected application features for a certain number of users. Pricing is based on the size of the bridge inventory, set of licensed features, and the number of users at your organization. Additional users or software features can be added at any time. To purchase a new subscription or get more information, email us at service@ids.consulting or call us at 1-306-790-1415.

Subscription FAQ

Subscription Plans

Basic Plan

Provides transportation agencies with access to NBI analytics functionality, geospatial-based data analysis, private and shared dashboards, NBI report generation, and document management.

Premium Plan

In addition to all features offered by the basic plan, the premium plan provides access to analytics functionality of multi-year preservation planning scenarios. This functionality enables effective investigation and trade-off analysis of preservation planning scenarios.

In both subscription plans, users are added in increment of 5 users.

Subscription to NBI Optimizer® is governed by the IDS required License Agreement

Technical Support

Technical support is included as part of your annual subscription. Technical support includes:

  • Up to eight hours of telephone or email direct support. You can purchase additional technical support hours at $150 USD/hour.
  • Free 4 hours online software training, over two sessions, for named users on the effective use of NBI Optimizer®. Additional training can be provided at a rate of $180/hour.
  • Free software upgrades and enhancements.
  • Maximum 48 hours response time to your support questions.
  • Emergency bug fixes.
  • Priority for implementing requested new features or enhancements.

Service Level Guarantee

IDS is committed to make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that NBI Optimizer online software services available 24/7/365, and guarantees service uptime of ninety-nine percent (99%). If a Licensee experiences uptime less than 99% during a service year, the Licensee should report these incidents to IDS immediately. Once incidents are verified by IDS, a refund equivalent to the amount of downtime will be issued to the Licensee. Licensees may choose to apply the refund as a credit towards next service year’s subscription. The service downtime will exclude any downtime resulting from events outside IDS’ reasonable control, including, but not limited to: force majeure events, denial of service attacks, network disruptions, or termination of Licensee’s account in accordance with the terms of the software Agreement.

Read our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

NBI Optimizer Solution in Your Organization

Alternatively, you can also choose to run NBI Optimizer SaaS application and/or desktop solution on your organization’s IT system. Contact us for more details.

Special Subscription Plan

We offer special plans for non-government organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Contact us for details.