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SewerNet Optimizer™ implements a revolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithm and risk-based prioritization techniques to identify an optimal set of projects, on an annual basis, that optimize the allocation of renewal funds while maximizing network-level condition, and minimizing risk of failure. SewerNet Optimizer™ enables asset managers to  evaluating annual budget requirements to achieve certain desired condition or risk levels, and to effectively perform trade-off (or “what if?”) analysis between various scenarios to investigate the impact of funding levels on the network’s condition and risk levels.

SewerNet Optimizer maintains a comprehensive database that stores sewer inventory data, CCTV inspections and condition rating data, rehabilitation methods data, hydraulic model data, and renewal planning data. The software implements advanced analytics functions to enable efficient query and analysis of sewer data and investigate relationships and historical trends of individual sewer segments, sewer groups, or the entire network.

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Featured Projects

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