IDS provides Professional Services to support clients and partners in the effective application and implementation of SewerNet Optimizer to support utility-specific policies, data, and work processes. Services include:


  • Data integration and database design and implementation.
  • Work with clients to customize SewerNet Optimizer replacement and rehabilitation methods database to reflect utility’s experience, practices, and preference.
  • Work with clients to develop appropriate rules and formulae for assessing costs and condition improvements of renewal methods, and identify possible constraints on the application of each method.
  • Comprehensive data analytics to identify relationships among key sewer parameters and understand historical trends.
  • Work with clients to define key deterioration and risk factors, and develop models to predict sewer deterioration, assess risk, and prioritize sewer segments for renewal actions.
  • Work with clients to define a range of feasible renewal planning scenarios based on the utility’s current and future needs and expected funding profile.
  • Develop optimal renewal plans for defined scenarios, and perform trade-off analysis to assess feasibility and compare results of various scenario.
  • Provide documentation and evidence-based recommendations required for developing asset management plans and budget submissions.